Miranda Kerr's Fashion Styles

Miranda Kerr‘s Summer Fashion Clothing On The T Stage

Miranda Kerr is famous for her perfect figure with the perfect body curving line. When she was 13 years old, she was selected to be a professional model. And she has ever represented a lot of worldwide famous commercial brands including the Maybeline, The secret of the Vitoria and so on. Are you eager to see her different hairstyle and fashion style on the T stage? If so, please go on reading. You are going to see three kings of Miranda Kerr’s fashion clothing on the T stage. Continue reading

Lily Donaldson's fashion styles

Lily Donaldson’s Different Fashionable Summer Dresses

As a very famous super model, Lily Donaldson not only has gained very good reputation in her native country England but also becomes more and more warmly welcomed by many young people in other Euro-American countries. That is why you are able to enjoy Lily Donaldson’s so many beautiful images on world-famous fashion clothing shows or different kinds of fashion magazines such as the Bazaar and so on. Lily Donaldson has become an apple in the public’s eyes. Her haircut and fashion style are a always ble to guide the fashion wind at present. In the hot summer, you can not lose the chance to follow Lily Donaldson’s styles in the following. Continue reading

the classic black and white matching

The Most Classic Collation: Black And White

Before going shopping with friends, girls will spend several hours making themselves up. They want to be a pretty and catch others’ eyes. However, it is a problem for girls to wear beautiful enough to catch attention of others. Thus, if you have no idea on what to wear to go shopping, you can try to wear black and white. Black and white is the most classic collation, which can never be out of fashion. As a girl enjoying beauty, you should make the full advantages of black and white to beautify yourself. Continue reading

celebrities'shocking modelling

Are You Be Shocked By These Shocking Modelling?

What is “shocking Modelling”? It means that people’s styles shock others at the first sight like hitting by lightening. Of course, it is impossible to be too beautiful then shock others. As a result, shocking modelling refers to put in the wrong clothes, brush an ugly makeup and make a terrible hairstyle. It is understandable that ordinary people make a wrong style in daily life. However, if celebrities show up with a shocking modelling, it is a totally destroyed matter. We can look at some shocking modelling of Euro-American celebrities firstly. Continue reading

fashion hairstyles for summer

Follow Summer Fashion Hair Trend Closely

Spring has come, how long is the coming of summer? It is still a little cold in early spring and hard for people to take off fur coat as well as make hairs into various types. However, spring has finally sprung, this is the perfect time to rejuvenate your tangled hair to make ready for the approaching summer, especially if you are a fashion trend follower. When wondering which kind of hairstyle is suitable for you, the long or the short, the straight or the curly, you should be patient enough to select. If you have no idea to make a new type,don’t grasp, you can try to braid it into a beautiful and charming hairstyle. Continue reading

fashion clothing matching in summer

Fashionable Summer Clothing Matching Of Euramerican Wind

Euro-American wind advocates generosity and ease, and it is noted for its briefness and elegance. It is very maverick but also the most conservative. It is traitorous, remixed, and young; it is a little bit of decadence, a little bit rock and roll. Mix European and American style clothing not only can wear out a strong atmosphere, the style is also quite handsome. Sharing several European and American styles of summer dresses fashion clothing items, which matches a sexy and casual European and American wind. Continue reading

cone-head hairsyles make you fashion

Cone-shaped Hairstyle, New Hairstyle, New Fashion

The development in the professional hair-care and the fashion world is amazing. From the popular Bob haircut to “Pear-flower” haircut, now a new fashion hairstyle has began to sweep the world. Yes, that is the cone-shaped hairstyle, which is very popular in the fashion world and beautiful girls. Now, follow me to take a pleasant journey to search different kinds of the cone-shaped hairstyle.
Continue reading

Being A Pretty In Fashion Style

Being A Pretty In Fashion Style

If you still focus your sight on the high-key and wild female like Hilton, you will be out of fashion. You want to find out more about fashion and fashion tide, you must learn Olivia Palermo. Born in 1986, Olivia Palermo can be seen as an extraordinary girl in a rich family. Though she lives in New York where gather most wealthy people, she is the well-behaved girl. Therefore, she is always stepping in front of fashion tide. Due to Palermo’s unique dressing style, as well as her fond of vintage clothes, Palermo becomes an active role in the fashion field. Delicate dressing with beautiful make-up and hairstyle as well as her supermodel long legs, Palermo is like a T stage model. Continue reading