Gel, Mousse or Hairspray: the Best Choice for My Hair

Between gel. The lacquer and foam, you lose thee, and thy Hair too! You do not know how to make your choice and you think it would be best to try everything eventually … Not worth it! Here’s what orient you and help you choose the product best suited to your nature Hair… Now, no Hairdressing do you resist!
Short hair, I freeze!
And yes, the gel is what works best on short hair. Easy to apply, it allows you to you style in peak or peaks, version of bed “, or to flatten fly aways, version wise and disciplined.
The right moves : It depends on the effect you want to give your Hairdressing. In general, a simple nutty enough. It applies to the finger and is distributed evenly from root to tip, taking care to avoid packages.
For a wet look, Applies gel directly out of the shower Hair wet and let it dry naturally.
For a Indeed structured. Poses the gel bits after bits until the desired motion.
For a natural effect, Content yourself with a simple nut to distribute throughout your hair and let dry in open air.
Who said foam, said volume!
The foam is ideal for Hair heavy or curly. It helps to add volume Hairstyles the flatter and draw loops.
The right moves : The foam applied by hand, it spreads generously to damp hair scrunching the hair with your fingertips.
For natural effect, You just have to mold your locks by hand and then let them dry in the air.
To- add volume, Applies the foam essentially lengths, then dry your hair upside down.
For perfectly shaped buckles. Spread the foam throughout your hair from root to tip, and then dry them upside down in a circular motion with the hairdryer.
Version 80′s, the paint I need!
Already used by our grandmothers, the lacquer is timeless: it sets the Hairdressing and maintains its motion … But not only! Indeed, it will also help you refine your brushing. How? Nothing easier: thy wound strands previously painted around a round brush and hot-dry the hair, and your brushing take longer.
The right moves : The lacquer used in various ways depending on the Hairdressing desired, but it still applies to a few inches of hair!
-If you are looking for a record very natural, Sprayed lacquer to 30 inches of your hair in a circular motion. Warning! With this method, the effect is not very long and should regularly repeat applications.
“If you want a hairstyle more sophisticated, For a special occasion or an evening, you can spray lacquer to within inches of your hair where your bits are in motion. Careful though not to abuse it too: you spend the effect sophisticated effect card!
Good to know:
When using a regular gel, mousse or hairspray, it is important to wash your hair with a shampoo perfectly neutral eliminating all impurities and residue.
If the freezing and have foam trend to lubricate the hair shaft, lacquer, however, has trend to the damage by drying: think to feed them regularly with masks repairers.
Let your hair breathe whenever possible: forget from time to time styling products!

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